Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Buying Real Estate

Why do I need a real estate lawyer? For the majority of home buyers, the purchase of a home will be the single largest purchase and investment in their lifetime. The legal process can be overwhelming for some, and simply put, you want to ensure that the transaction is smooth and comfortable. The importance of working with experienced real estate lawyers cannot be overstated.
Experience On Your Side
At Atantica LawGroup ,  our lawyers are seasoned and professional real estate practitioners. Many have practiced real estate law in Canada for over twenty years. At ALG, our lawyers practice designated law. That means that their preferred areas of practice include real estate and related transactions. Our experience includes legal negotiation, arbitration, conflict resolution, and if necessary, real estate litigation.

We are Approved DND ( Byron Balcom and Bernie Conway) lawyers and have represented several hundred members of the military relocate to Nova Scotia.  see We offer our clients and military families many discounts, advantages and benefits through our website. Plus visit our Military Gift Program.

Unique Experience
Our mission is to provide outstanding service at competitive rates while ensuring our clients are fully protected and have a happy and successful experience using our law firm. If you need a real estate lawyer in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, or even across Canada, email us

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