Sunday, 13 November 2011

Military Home Hunting Checklist

ASK YOUR MILITARY HOME CLOSING CENTER  (MHC )Member to tentatively book a Home Inspector after you set your arrival date. Confirm there is no penalty to cancel or re-schedule the home inspection.
Bring your cheque book along. You may need to pay for a home inspection and put a deposit on your new home. 
Bring a video or still camera to take pictures of the home you wish to see. Remember, we will need the owners' permission! Our (MHC) will also have a Buy Sheet so you can keep track of the homes you wish to see.
Bring slip-on shoes to get in and out of homes quicker.
If you are bringing younger children along, ask your (MHC) member   to arrange for child care to facilitate evening showings and when reviewing and signing important documentation.
Get your (MHC) member to arrange a meeting with a mortgage specialist or provide a list to you before you get here. They will give you the details before you head this way. It is important to get pre-approval so you know what range of homes are available for your family.
Your (MHC) member is partnered with DND-IRP lawyers. Please visit their website for the closest office for your conveience.
Bring medical referral letters to arrange for new medical practitioners when you have some free time. The sooner you get on wait lists, the better!
When we have an accepted offer, but are still waiting to remove our conditions i.e., home inspection, etc., you may wish to take advantage of the time to complete other tasks, such as those noted below, if you are from out of town. Make sure you bring along all required documentation to:
investigate schools
drop off resumes at potential employers
open bank accounts
complete change of address cards
research a babysitter
set-up utilities/phone/cable

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